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New Cable Buddy® Cable Organizer Ties with Color Labels

  • Convenient, effective, and easy to use!

  • Stays on cable! Ready to use when you need it!

  • Saves time and effort without twisting or damaging your cables

  • Adjustable and reusable

  • Proven to help reduce tangles and cable clutter

  • Includes color-coded write-on labels for easy identification

Cable Buddy® is a simple and easy-to-use cable/cord organizer that helps you neatly label, wrap and organize all your cables and cords all in one convenient solution!

Easy-to-use and efficient.
Adjustable and reusable, Cable Buddy® easily installs onto your cable and stays firmly attached so it's right there whenever you need to identify, shorten excess lengths during use, or wrap up cables for storage or transport.

With Cable Buddy®, when you open up your bag or drawer, you'll find exactly the cable you're looking for easier than ever!

Time-saving, color-coded identification for FASTER setup and organization.
Includes colorful write-on ID labels and dots so you can not only find the right cables faster, but also know exactly where they connect! It's a HUGE time-saver for setting up or packing up equipment! This also helps minimize lost cables and improve safety by reducing messy cable clutter.

Super versatile.
Cable Buddy® fits most cables up to 3/8" in diameter including power cords, USB, instrument and audio cables, XLR, MIDI, HDMI, S-Video, RCA, and Firewire.

Perfect for computers, printers, video cameras, other portable electronics and accessories, music equipment, home theater A/V components, home and kitchen appliances, power tools, video game accessories, or just about any cable that you wrap and unwrap frequently.

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Available in 5-packs, 20-packs and 50-packs.

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Also available at Fry's Electronics, Micro Center, Storables and other fine stores.

Heavy-duty, industrial version for larger cables coming soon.

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